HSE Audit Policy

Tenbex Engineering Sdn Bhd (TESB) implements an internal audit program for reviewing Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) programs and processes with highest standard of HSE auditing practices within oil and gas industry. It is TEST’s intention to conduct audits in a respectful manner, and in a way that promotes strong team work and ongoing improvement in accordance to corporate policy. The objectives of TESB’s HSE Audit program are to:
  • Verify compliance with TESB’s HSE Policy, Management System, Criteria and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Help identifying and prioritizing HSE risks by Hazard Registry.
  • Increase awareness of company standards and regulations.
  • Communicate audit findings and recommendations to appropriate level of TESB management.
  • Maintain evaluation criteria and assessment tools that enable the organization to understand and determine the effectiveness and suitability of TESB HSE system, including conformance to regulatory standards.
  • Provide business and management with objective information that enables them to analyze whether or not HSE standards and expectations are being met.
  • Identify deficiencies and opportunity for improvement in the HSE system and enabling continuous improvement and promoting best management practices.
This document describes the basic framework of TESB’s HSE Audit Program. It will be periodically reviews and updated to incorporate lessons learned from our auditing experience, input from management and changing development in the field of HSE auditing