Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


Tenbex Engineering Sdn Bhd (TESB) is committed in conducting all business activities in a manner that incorporates Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) protection in line with philosophy – HSE is OUR Priority


Sustainability is Tenbex Engineering Sdn Bhd (TESB) core strategy. We strive to reduce the health, safety and environmental impact of our own operations by implementing safe work environment.

We have total commitment as follows:-

Legal & Other Requirements Compliance
To comply with applicable HSE legislations, regulations and other requirements that Company subscribes to and continual maintenance and review of compliance to legal register requirements.

Prevention of injury and ill health
To monitor, prevent, control and minimize risk within financial and technological capabilities to avoid harm to all personnel working under the control of the company

Continual Improvement
To establish HSE programs for continual improvement

Internal / External Communication
To Communicate Company HSE Policy to all employees, persons working under the control of the Company, and the Policy is readily available to the public upon request.

The major objective for TESB is to fully implement our HSE Management System. This would provide TESB with the platform to review and identify the key areas that need to be addressed in future improvement objectives

No. Objective Category Description (KPI) Targets
1.1 1. Health Number of Fatalities 0 tolerance
1.2 Number of Lost Time Injuries 0 tolerance
1.3 Number of Restricted Workday Cases 1 case / year
1.4 Number of Medical Treatment Cases 2 cases / year
1.5 Number of First Aid Cases 2 cases / year
2.1 2. Safety & Security Number of Major Fire Incident (Worksite) 0 tolerance
2.2 Number of Near Miss Incidents 0 tolerance
2.3 Security and Safety Violation 0 tolerance
3.1 3. Environment Lost of Primary Containment (LOPC) 0 tolerance
3.2 Property Damages 0 tolerance
3.3 Disposal of Schedule Waste 0 tolerance
4.1 4. Managing HSE Number of HSE Management Audit Conducted 1 session / year
4.2 HSE Committee Meeting Quarterly
4.3 Unsafe Act Unsafe Conditions Report Maximum