Aim of this policy
To reduce at fault crash costs and injuries by promoting a safe driving culture within the organization. TO ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers (including employee’s/contractor operations/family members) at all time.
Objective of the policy
  • To ensure that staff/contractor operations who drive vehicle in the course of their work demonstrate safe, efficient driving skills and other good road safety at all times.
  • To maintain all company vehicles in a safe, clean and roadworthy condition to ensure the maximum safety of the drivers, occupants and other road users, and reduce the impacts of company vehicles on the environment – this also applies to personal vehicle.
Comply with Law

All statutory legislation relating to drive of vehicles is compiled.

Usage of Seat Belts

Occupants of any vehicle shall use seatbelts at all times.

Speed Limit

Drivers shall comply with the speed limits prescribed and reduce speed in accordance with the prevailing road, traffic and environmental/ weather conditions

Mobile Phone

Drivers shall neither initiate nor answer a cellular phone call while driving a vehicle, regardless of whether a hands free device is available or not.


Any fines or infringements incurred while driving will be at the expense of the driver.

Disciplinary Action

Any violation of this Policy can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.