Health, Safety & Environment Housekeeping Policy

Sustainability is Tenbex Engineering Sdn Bhd (TESB) core strategy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that workplace and storage areas are maintained in a clean and tidy manner and assessed for operating condition on a regular basis.

Access and Gangway
  • Ensure that gangway, access routes and exit ways to fire exits are kept clear. Keep access to fire and emergency equipment clear at all times. Fire doors must never be locked or be difficult to open.
  • Keep gangways and exits ways clear of rubbish; do not use them as storage area even on a temporary basis.
  • Avoid tripping hazards such as boxes, trolley handles, trucks and materials protruding into gangways and exit ways. Ensure that there are no bumps or holes in the surface of gangways and exit ways which could cause a fall.
Workshop Housekeeping
  • Workshop should be kept neat and tidy. Good housekeeping can significantly reduce the risk of and accident and injury, failure to maintain a clean and tidy Workshop can result in accident and injury. Work areas and equipment are to be thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • All walkways, work stations, access to emergency equipment and exists shall be free from obstruction at all times.
  • Liquid spills shall be cleaned up immediately.
Material Storage
  • Remove empty cartons, wrappings and other flammable waste as soon as possible. I the same storage area do not store substances which may react with each other to produce heat or an explosion. Make sure gas cylinders and containers cannot fall.
  • Ensure boxes, sacks, barrels, or other objects are stacked correctly, using chocks and lashing where necessary. Do not store in access ways.
  • Do not manually lift heavy items above chest level. Store heavier articles on lower shelves.
Work Areas Housekeeping
  • Ensure that equipment and materials are placed carefully to avoid causing a all or “striking against” accident.
  • Clean up after every job. All spilt oil, grease or liquid must be cleaned up immediately. The closure of individual Word permits must check for cleanliness and equipment/lose items removing.
  • Ensure that any place in lay down is safe and healthy and its surface shall be even and smooth and free from obstacle.
Hand Tools
  • Ensure electric tools are of the double insulation type and are inspected regularly. Use a soft-face hammer or other safe tool where there is a danger of spark igniting flammable substances
  • Ensure that cutting tools, such as drills and chisels, are kept sharp. Keep tools which are not in stores, or stowed so that they cannot be tripped over or be knocked from benches. When working with tools at height make sure they cannot fall. The use of securing line is highly recommended.
  • Do not leave power tools switched on when disconnected from their power as unexpected staring will occur when power is re-connected.