• Provision of HP Compressor Maintenance Services for RepsolMalaysia Limited (RML) (previously known as
Talisman Malaysia Limited) – offshore facility named KNDP-A.
• KNDP-A is a four (4)-legged integrated drilling & production platform that combines a twenty (20)-slot drilling
platform with topsides oil & gas processing facilities & utilities.
• HP Compressor-White Superior® Gas Compressor (very critical/main equipment) provides gas lift supply & gas
injection into the well to the top to eliminate/minimize flaring & maintain reservoir pressure which contribute to
RML’s oil production.



Provision of 24hrs/7 days week :
• Service Engineer at site
• Provide all the necessary equipment & tools to carry out the task
• Provide competent Mechanical and E&I service personnel to carry out
the work
• Field Services Representative (FSR)– Ironline Compression Ltd
• Local specialists.
• Produce official service report include check list generated, finding &
• Identify critical & long lead spares and proposed minimum qty for
• Provide hand-on training for RML’s personnel.

Business Office Address :

E-10-3, Block E, Megan Avenue 1, 189 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Office :
+603 2181 4399
Fax :
+603 9235 1033